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Shared messaging

To publish and promote a set of shared messages on the Ministry of Justice Women’s Strategy, the value of women’s centres and specialist services, and to influence and address the stigmatisation of women affected by the Criminal Justice System.

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Anti-racism action plan

To develop and implement an Anti-Racism charter and deliverable action plan for all women’s centres and specialist providers, and to develop a strategic approach to addressing and eradicating systemic racism within the Criminal Justice System. 

Supporting Womens Participation

Supporting women’s participation

To agree routes through which women with lived experience of the Criminal Justice System can be involved in the NWJC, and to develop funded mechanisms and structures for longer-term participation ensuring that lived experience leadership is at the heart of everything we do.

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Influencing systemic change

To articulate, champion and demonstrate by example the systemic change we want to see for women and influence the way services for women affected by the Criminal Justice System are designed, delivered and commissioned.

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