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Organisational Partners


Advance provides emotional and practical support to women including crisis intervention for those who require urgent help and face imminent danger. Advance has three women’s centres in central London and works in partnership with 11 local and national women’s service providers to deliver services in Hampshire, Kent, Thames Valley, Essex, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

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Anawim – Birmingham’s Centre for Women is a Balsall Heath-based women’s charity, offering 1-1 casework, counselling, courses and drop-in services for any woman experiencing mental health, homelessness, domestic abuse, criminal justice involvement, poverty, debt, substance misuse, sexual trauma and many other complex needs. Anawim is a non-judgemental, gender and trauma responsive safe space, focused on wellbeing, independence and supporting women to reach their full potential.

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Birth Companions

Birth Companions is a national women’s charity dedicated to tackling inequalities and disadvantage during pregnancy, birth and early motherhood. Birth Companions provides practical and emotional support and advocacy services to pregnant women and mothers of infants. The organisation also works with women with lived experience to inform and improve policy and practice in the criminal justice, maternity, social services and immigrations systems.

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Through their multiple services and projects, Brighton Women’s Centre supports women dealing with bereavement or trauma, those who have been through homelessness or the Criminal Justice System and survivors of abuse or discrimination, to make positive differences to their lives.

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Cambridge Women’s Resource Centre

Cambridge Women’s Resources Centre provides a safe and welcoming women’s centre in Cambridge and Peterborough. CWRC offers trauma informed space, support, training, information/advice and services that aim to make life and living a little easier and empower women to take steps to a better future.

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Hibiscus Initiatives works with Black, minoritised and migrant women and families at the intersection of the immigration and Criminal Justice Systems. Hibiscus supports and empowers women in dealing with their multiple and often complex needs and addresses the double disadvantage that insecure immigration status, language and cultural barriers present.

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Lancashire Women

Lancashire Women is a leading charity, supporting an average of 5000 people each year. Established in 1985 with foundations in maternal and family health and wellbeing, Lancashire Women currently delivers their ‘whole person approach’ from a network of women’s centres and women only spaces across Lancashire, to enable women to have choices about their lives as well as challenging inequality and social injustice.

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Muslim Women in Prisons

The Muslim Women in Prison project was launched by Khidmat Centres in 2013 and educates the Criminal Justice System on the needs of Muslim women, both in custody and the community. The project also aims to demonstrate to other providers what a culturally compliant model looks like in practice.

New Dawn New Day

New Dawn New Day offers practical, emotional and therapeutic trauma-informed and trauma-responsive support to women in Leicestershire and specialises in supporting women who come into contact with the Criminal Justice System. Their specialist services include an Out of Court Disposal early diversion service alongside projects to support women sentenced to Community Orders and released on Licence.

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North Wales Women’s Centre

North Wales Women’s Centre, based in Rhyl, aims to cultivate and advance the social and economic development of women by providing information, support, advocacy and training on the things that matter most to women, including health, wellbeing, and work.

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Nottingham Women’s Centre

Nottingham Women’s Centre works across Nottinghamshire to deliver a range of services that help women to gain the confidence and skills they need to become stronger and more independent. From their safe and supportive women’s centre space, women can access support, participate in wellbeing activities and training, and attend courses and free events.

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One Small Thing

One Small Thing’s vision is a justice system that can recognise, understand, and respond to trauma. The organisation facilitates trauma-informed and gender-responsive programmes for the justice and community sectors and seeks to redesign the justice system for women and their children.

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Shama Women’s Centre

Shama Women’s Centre was established 1983 in Leicester to address the needs of local women facing social exclusion, discrimination and economic disadvantage. Today, Shama provides culturally inclusive support and activities that aim to empower women to be more active, economically, educationally and socially and to develop their confidence, employability skills, health and wellbeing.

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SHEWISE supports the educational, economic, and social development of minority ethnic women and young girls experiencing multiple disadvantages of mental health, domestic abuse, skills development, employability and those affected by the criminal justice system. The organisation’s programmes and services provide bilingual and culturally appropriate support to enable and assist women to build positive self-identity and make positive change in their lives.

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Stockport Women’s Centre

Stockport Women’s Centre seeks to support, empower and improve the wellbeing and physical and mental health of women facing multiple challenges. Support teams help to address issues such as housing, benefits, relationships, including domestic abuse, criminal justice and offending, mental health, personal development, support at meetings and advocacy.

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The Nelson Trust

The Nelson Trust offers targeted community services for women recovering from addiction and trauma, delivered from their women’s centres in Gloucester, Wiltshire, Somerset, Bristol, Wales and HMP Eastwood Park. They also offer residential treatment to people whose lives have been torn apart by addiction. Each Women’s centre offers practical and emotional support to women and girls with multiple and complex needs and who are either in, or at risk of becoming involved in, the Criminal Justice System.

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The Women’s Centre Cornwall

Women’s Centre Cornwall works with women affected by the Criminal Justice System across Devon, Dorset and Cornwall and delivers multiple support services from women-only spaces. Women are encouraged to take part in training and activities, access support and services, campaign and become active in bringing about change.

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Together Women

Together Women works to empower women, by providing them with the tools and confidence they need to lead healthier and happier lives. Together Women offers safe and welcoming women-only spaces across West Yorkshire, Sheffield and Humberside, where key workers and sessional staff deliver trauma-informed services, including needs assessment, action-planning, support and case management, to women and girls.

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Working Chance

As the UK’s only employment charity solely for women with convictions, Working Chance helps women with criminal convictions to develop the confidence, skills and self-belief they need to overcome any barriers to their employment, find jobs and build careers. Working Chance also works with employers across all sectors to find opportunities for women that align with their skills and aspirations.

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