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Thematic Inspection

The quality of work undertaken with women – a joint inspection by HM Inspectorate of Probation and HM Inspectorate of Prisons

The inspection was led by HM inspector Noreen Wallace, supported by a team of inspectors and operations, research, communications and corporate staff. User Voice undertook interviews with women who ha…

Effective Practice Guide

Effective practice guide – Working with women

This effective practice guide is based on information sourced while undertaking the thematic inspection The quality of work undertaken with women: a joint inspection by HM Inspectorate of Probation an…


National Women's Justice Coalition (NWJC)

Understanding how women’s centres work

Women’s centres are demonstrably the most effective way to support women in contact with the criminal justice system to remove themselves from harmful situations and cycles of offending by acces…


National Women's Justice Coalition (NWJC)

Why women’s centres and specialist services need sustainable funding

Despite widespread recognition and evidence demonstrating the value of women’s centres, women’s services are consistently underfunded. This leads to inadequate, inequitable, and precarious…


National Women's Justice Coalition (NWJC)

Understanding the disadvantage & inequality experienced by women in contact with the CJS

Women in contact with the criminal justice system often experience different challenges rooted in structural and systemic inequalities at the same time, and the criminalisation of women is often under…


National Women's Justice Coalition (NWJC)

Understanding a Whole Systems Approach and why partnership working is valuable in the women’s sector

This briefing outlines the value and impact of partnership working across the women’s sector and explains how the Whole Systems Approach (WSA) focuses on building these partnerships to give wome…


Prison Reform Trust

Growing numbers of long sentenced women struggling to progress through their sentence

Long-sentenced women, a small but increasing proportion of women in prison, are facing significant barriers to progressing through their sentence. The briefing is the third in the ‘Invisible Wom…

Her Story


Her Story, Her Justice – Making criminal justice work for women and girl survivors of domestic abuse

It is estimated that 2.1 million people experienced domestic abuse in England and Wales in the year ending March 2023. Despite legislative and policy progress made in recent years, the data tells a di…

Women, Addictions, Mental Health, Dishonesty, And Crime Stigma

Staffordshire University and Centre for Justice Innovation

Women, addictions, mental health, dishonesty and crime stigma – solutions to reduce the social harms of stigma

British drug policies could underserve women with treatment needs, and this paper provides evidence that communication through the words and actions of professionals across drug and alcohol services, …


The Prison Advice and Care Trust (PACT)

Together A Chance Evaluation of the Social Worker for Mothers in Prison pilot project 2021-2023

Together a Chance (TaC) is a three-year pilot project to trial embedding a social worker in two women’s prisons, HMP Eastwood Park, Gloucestershire and HMP Send, Surrey. This pilot was led by Th…

Hope Street

One Small Thing

Hope Street: A Trauma Informed Design Case Study

This briefing is a case study written by Mike Worthington RIBA, Director of Snug Architects about working with One Small Thing on the design and build of Hope Street in Hampshire. It explains how a Tr…

Building Hope

One Small Thing

Building Hope: Co-producing trauma informed space with women in the justice system

Trauma theory has demonstrated how trauma lingers in the body and can be triggered by what survivors see, hear, feel and smell. Trauma-informed design starts with a recognition that all buildings have…