New Logos

This growth will increase our expertise, collective voice and national reach

In March 2023, the NWJC invited applications from other women’s centres and specialist organisations across England and Wales and committed to onboarding up to six new members in June 2023. Partners took this approach to increase the national reach of the NWJC, to proactively seek engagement from organisations and projects that specifically work with women from racially minoritised or other oppressed groups, and to support the growth of the coalition at a sustainable and manageable rate.

Our new Organisational Partners include:

Lancashire Women

Lancashire Women is a leading charity, supporting up to 7000 people each year. Established in 1985 with foundations in maternal and family health and wellbeing, Lancashire Women currently delivers their ‘whole person approach’ from a network of women’s centres and women only spaces across Lancashire, to enable women to have choices about their lives as well as challenging inequality and social injustice.

One Small Thing

One Small Thing’s vision is a justice system that can recognise, understand, and respond to trauma. The organisation facilitates trauma-informed and gender-responsive programmes for the justice and community sectors and seeks to redesign the justice system for women and their children.

Shama Women’s Centre

Shama Women’s Centre was established 1983 in Leicester to address the needs of local women facing social exclusion, discrimination and economic disadvantage. Today, Shama provides culturally inclusive support and activities that aim to empower women to be more active, economically, educationally and socially and to develop their confidence, employability skills, health and wellbeing.


SHEWISE supports the educational, economic, and social development of minority ethnic women and young girls experiencing multiple disadvantages of mental health, domestic abuse, skills development, employability and those affected by the criminal justice system. The organisation’s programmes and services provide bilingual and culturally appropriate support to enable and assist women to build positive self-identity and make positive change in their lives.

We plan to onboard other new Organisational Partners in January 2024, including several organisations that have successfully completed the application process this year. We will also reopen applications to other organisations interested in joining in late 2023.