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Trevi Impact Report


Trevi Impact Report: 2021-2022

Trevi’s published annual report: 2021 – 22…

Tackling Double Disadvantage


Tackling Double Disadvantage: Ending inequality for Black, Asian, minoritised and migrant women in the criminal justice system

The aim has been to improve outcomes and reduce inequalities and discrimination against Black, Asian, minoritised and migrant women in contact with the criminal justice system. To achieve this through…

Lancashire Women Annual Report

We Are Lancashire Women

Lancashire Women Annual Report: 2021-2022

Lancashire Women is governed by a board of trustees. These local volunteers bring on board expertise and experience in key areas including: health, justice and finance. Our Trustees have overall contr…

Forgotten By Funders

Women Beyond Walls

Forgotten by Funders – an exploratory report on the challenges of resourcing work with and for incarcerated women and girls worldwide

This is an exploratory report on the challenges of resourcing work with and for incarcerated women and girls worldwide and draws from the survey responses from 34 organisations working with this group…

Why Pregnant In Prison

Birth Companions

Why are pregnant women in prison

This study explores the reasons that pregnant women spend time in English prisons. This could be due to remand in custody (pre-trial detention), a custodial sentence, or recall during probation superv…


Crest Advisory

Counting the Cost of Maternal Imprisonment

This report focuses on the cost of female imprisonment for two particularly vulnerable groups; mothers who are imprisoned and their children. Maternal imprisonment also has a high cost for the taxpaye…

London Womens Diversion Service


London Women’s Diversion Service – The impact of community support on diverting women from the criminal justice system

This report summarises the findings and learnings by Advance and its delivery partners, based on an analysis of the data, case records and women’s lived experiences shared with Advance between N…


Centre for Justice Innovation

Problem-solving courts for women: An evidence & practice briefing

In 2020, the Ministry of Justice announced its intention to pilot five new problem-solving courts, including one which should specifically focus on the distinct needs of women who offend. Based on the…

Worst Case Scenario

Working Chance

Worst-Case Scenario: How racism in the criminal justice system harms women’s chances of finding work

This research explores how gender and racial inequality in the criminal justice system creates poorer employment outcomes for racially minoritised women.

Women Demand Better Mental Health


Women Demand Better Mental Health

The impact of abuse, trauma and the Covid-19 pandemic on women’s mental health…

The Covid 19 Crisis

Women's Resource Centre

The Covid-19 Crisis and the UK Women’s Sector: One Year On

This is a follow-up survey to one published in June 2020. The first survey sought to find out the impact of COVID-19 on women’s organisations – their sustainability, the impact on the serv…

Black Women S Experiences Of The Criminal Justice System


Black Women’s Experiences of the Criminal Justice System

In February 2021, Hibiscus organised a roundtable discussion with Black women about their lived experiences of the criminal justice and immigration systems in the UK. Six of the women attending were H…