Trevi House, Gsk Impact Awards 2020

Partnership working is the lifeblood of the women’s sector, enabling women’s organisations and women’s centres to address gaps in service provision and offer support in the most holistic and impactful ways possible. And increasingly so in the current social climate, the women’s sector relies on the power and benefits of collaborative working, sharing resources and developing solutions together, across alliances, partnerships and coalitions.

Our latest briefing paper – Understanding a Whole Systems Approach and why partnership working is valuable in the women’s sector – examines what good partnership working looks like in practice and explains how a Whole Systems Approach (WSA) improves outcomes for women by enabling agencies to use existing resources more efficiently, share information and coordinate and support women’s access to the specialist services they need.

About NWJC Briefing Papers

  • NWJC briefing papers can be downloaded for free from the NWJC Resource Library for organisational, individual and public use.
  • These briefing papers have been researched and written with reference to the most current evidence available to support the NWJC’s key messages.
  • NWJC Organisational Partners have been consulted and invited to input anecdotal evidence and case studies to inform each paper.
  • Members of the NWJC’s National Voice & Advisory Panel have reviewed each paper and contributed their lived experience expertise under ‘What Women Tell Us’.
  • Each paper is available in text only format with full citations and references on request. Please email [email protected] to request copies of these.